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Inside the mansion of squalor

Inside the mansion of squalor
Inside the mansion of squalor: Pictures show how £3m house was left in tatters by scrounging squatters
  • Five suspect charged with public order offences today after 'disturbance' at property
  • Three of them, aged 17, 18 and 19, accused of assaulting a police officer
  • Two more, aged 17 and 19, are accused of a public order offence

The once-tempting swimming pool lies strewn with debris, graffiti and empty beer bottles, while the formerly stylish vaulted cellar resembles a rubbish tip.

These were the scenes at a £3million mansion yesterday following the eviction of dozens of squatters who had for weeks claimed it as their home.

Fireplaces in the eight-bedroom, four-bathroom property have been vandalised, and marble work-tops stained.

In the kitchen, half-eaten food and cans of beer were strewn across the once immaculate marble worktops. A couple of vases held what looked like weeds, their flowers drooping and decayed. 

In the vaulted cellar with beautiful exposed brick work and flagstone floor, the freeloading group left furniture, clothes, rubbish and what appeared to be drugs paraphernalia for the owners - The Bank of Scotland - to clear up.

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